Tropik Fresh

About Us

Our company has provided the best service to its valuable customers in the fresh vegetable, fruit and citrus sector in the domestic market of Turkey in the early days of its establishment.

Our company has been increasing its market share by offering reliable, quality and legal products in the import-export sector since 2018, both in national and international markets, and by following the current and developing technology in accordance with all necessary national and international standards, national and international is to ensure continuous and sustainable production, by putting the recommendations and instructions of the organizations into practice, on the condition that the effective use and skills of the personnel it includes are developed.

Our main goals:

- First of all, it is to carry out safe and reliable production in compliance with all relevant national laws and international regulations, without posing a threat to general public and consumer health.

 - To always present the products in accordance with the specifications, in the desired condition and on time, by keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground.

- To reduce cost losses by producing high quality and to increase its profits on the condition of increasing its share in the world market day by day.

 - To continuously improve the quality management system by following current and technological developments and to ensure full participation and compliance with the quality management system by increasing the knowledge and education levels of all its employees.

- To realize an environmentally friendly production by complying with all necessary legislation and to be a pioneer in environmental protection by participating or supporting social responsibility projects from time to time.

 - To exchange information in coordination with other organizations, groups and producers that have common interests, and to create social responsibility awareness for necessary legal regulations.